Our Story

Young Family“To experience The Community House is to recall why you moved to Moorestown in the first place.”
~John Button, Former Mayor and Resident

Sipping hot chocolate on the front lawn while patiently waiting to see the tree light up.

Catching that glimmer of accomplishment in your child’s eye as they look for you on the bench after swimming 20 yards in the pool…alone.

Celebrating your parent’s 50th Anniversary with the entire family who has come together for the first time in 20 years.

Whether one of these memories or another personal story, you have likely experienced a meaningful, life-defining event in The Community House, our community’s home.

The Community House makes Moorestown unique.  

A 501(c)3, The Community House was built to “house organizations whose operations do not benefit any private stakeholder or individual.”  As the home to scores of clubs, organizations and personal memories, we proudly serve the civic, social and recreational needs of Moorestown without any financial assistance from local, state or federal government.  We are honored that the only structure in South Jersey that fulfills this need was built here.

Just a few years ago; however, our future was in jeopardy.  The economy led to a significant decrease in our endowment (permanent maintenance fund) while some non-profit tenants had to vacate for financial reasons.  As a result, we could no longer cover operating expenses.  So, we had to make some decisions about how to keep this important, memory-filled building in tact.  The solution – convert the gym into a beautiful ballroom.  It has been a great success!  Today, we are operating a near-balanced budget as income from the ballroom has helped close the gap on operating expenses.  Now it is time to focus on replenishing the permanent maintenance fund.

To continue fulfilling our charter and serving the 70+ organizations that make a difference here, we are seeking your support for our $2 million Our Unity Restoration Campaign, the first capital campaign in our 88-year history.

With everyone’s support – friends, neighbors and business owners – the goal is within reach.  Pledges and gifts to this Restoration Campaign will rebuild the permanent maintenance fund so important capital projects, such as a new roof and a parking lot, can be completed. These improvements will undoubtedly enhance everyone’s experiences and memories.

The Community House is the unity within our community that exemplifies giving back. Without it, we are just another town.

Please consider a generous gift or pledge today!